David Parr is an actor, author and magician who has been fascinated by the strange and mysterious since childhood. When he is not busy mystifying guests at corporate and private events, he devotes his time to theatrical endeavors. Around Halloween, David can be found haunting atmospheric locations with original shows such as Haunting History, a guided tour of the shadowy territory where history meets myth and folklore, or Visions of Poe, an interactive journey into the tales and poems of Edgar Allan Poe. David has written several highly regarded books for magicians. For the past decade or so, he was a featured columnist, proofreader, and copy editor for MAGIC Magazine. His thought-provoking writings about the art of magic have also been featured in publications in the US, Germany, Australia, France, and Sweden. This summer, he will appear on the TV show Penn & Teller: Fool Us on the CW Network.

Joe Diamond might seem like a normal guy, but he has turned his interest in the paranormal into a full-time career. When Joe was still a teenager, he performed in Puerto Rico, Canada, Las Vegas, and on WGN Morning News. For two years, he was a featured street performer at Six Flags Great America theme park. When he was seventeen, he was the youngest person to win first place in the Close-up Magic Classic, a contest dedicated to sleight-of-hand excellence. Joe is currently the world record holder for solving the world’s largest corn maze while blindfolded! He was recently featured in the award-winning documentary Make Believe, alongside celebrities such as Neil Patrick Harris and Lance Burton. Joe has appeared on TV multiple times, including on WGN, WCIU, ABC News, The Today Show, The Movie Channel, and Showtime, and he is the host of his own radio show, Unreal Radio.