“One of America’s best magic shows” — Travel Channel


TimeOut Chicago “Things to Do”: “Mind-blowing sleight-of-hand illusions in a very interactive show with the feel of a bygone era… Will renew your sense of wonder and mystery.”

Newcity Stage theater reviews: “Mixing vaudeville pacing and patter with nightclub intimacy, the act delivers expertise without pretension, producing the kind of direct and involving experience that all theater ensembles wish for, but few attain.”

Chicago Lawyer Magazine “Opening Statement”: “You have a special treat awaiting you every Wednesday at the Greenhouse Theater Center. There, two prestidigitators par excellence entertain you with 75 minutes of uninterrupted (except for laughter and applause) ‘magic, mystery and mischief’ in an intimate setting. Don’t miss it.”


“[Parr & Diamond] are lively and agile, appealing and enthusiastic. The show’s a blast” — Chicago Tribune


CBS Chicago list of the six Best Spots for Cabaret Entertainment: “This mystical concoction is presented by two amazing entertainers who have lifelong connections to magic.”

Examiner.com Performing Arts Review: “Magicians extraordinaire David Parr and Joe Diamond present their craft with utmost passion, leaving each audience member on the edge of one’s seat, in awe. Magic is perhaps the most fantastical of escapes, and this show, presented in true theatrical form, is just the treat we need.”

Windy City Times theater section: “These magicians answer their call with a humility that renders us perfectly willing to be bamboozled by their chicanery, eagerly assisting them in our deception. Parr and Diamond even go so far as to return the favor, so that each one of us can share in the wonder of our own extraordinary powers.”

Groupon Guide to Chicago: “[This] weekly show is a collage of narration, humor, and confounding illusions. And the closer you look, the more rewarding the show.”

Chicago Reader Shortlist of Highly Recommended Shows: “There’s no Vegas-style razzmatazz in this charming weekly performance of parlor magic. They’re enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the history of magic Chicago style (they include shout-outs to Matt Schulien), and they perform astounding feats of prestidigitation. Low on hokum and high on thoughtfulness, this is an evening that shows magic to its best advantage, up close and personal.”

Chicago Sun-Times “Our Town”: “Chicago’s renowned Magic Cabaret grew out of a desire to perform smart magic in an intimate setting. They have more than met their goal.”


“Lucky viewers at this show will watch the simply impossible happen in front of their noses” — Centerstage Chicago